December 2021 SEO Update

The year of 2021 in SEO was a year of updates and volatility. Last year was actually a record year in search result volatility. It was also a year of continuous updates with some rankings changing by the hour. This looks to be the trend for 2022 as well. Google...

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Paypal vs Stripe: Which is Better?

If the vast world of online payment processing has ever grabbed your interest, then you must be aware of the two most popular platforms for this purpose; PayPal and Stripe. Both these platforms hold immense popularity all across the globe; however, when it comes to...

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The Complete Guide to Organic Search

If everything in a grocery store was thrown in front of you without any reason, naturally one would get overwhelmed. The solution? Separate everything into a specific aisle and section, with items sorted by brand and popularity. Similarly, if google threw a million...

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SEO September Update

Are you trying to understand the recent major Google SEO updates? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in the right place! If you own a small business or brand, then it’s crucial for you to fully comprehend the vast world of Google SEO. Over the month of...

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How Much Does SEO Cost? Here’s What to Expect

If you have been wondering how much you will need to spend for an SEO campaign to attract more customers, we have got you covered. This post covers factors that influence the costs, how you can calculate the SEO campaign budget for your company, different types of SEO...

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Essential SEO Tips for Web Design in 2021

Your website design plays a significant role in the success of your digital marketing. This is why we create websites that will enjoy SEO benefits. This year, WebSuited has handled many SEO projects and observed common flaws in website designs. This is why we believe...

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