Computer Retail Marketing

Computer sales and service isn’t just for the big box stores.

We can find you more of your customers whether its for sales, repair or training.

  • How wide a range of computers do you have to offer?
    • Mac and PC?
    • Price ranges?
    • Choices of processors to determine the amount of:
      • memory and speed?
      • graphics?
      • software and hardware add-on options?
  • Do you sell to both individuals and businesses?
    • Offer volume discounts for businesses
    • Any custom business services?
  • Do you provide a full choice of upgrades?
  • Do you offer expert advice and consultation?
  • Do provide a full line of accessories?
  • Do you offer repair services?
    • Can you do same day service?
  • Do you offer computer training?

If your potential clients care about these things we need to talk. We can help get you more of these potential customers.