Local Marketing on the Treasure Coast

Business man pointing the text: Local MarketingNot all businesses can or want to sell their products online.

Digital marketing can still drive phone calls and store visits important to many local businesses even if e-commerce isn’t for you.

Local Marketing Drives In-Store Visits, Phone Calls and Lead Submissions

The impact of digital marketing for local businesses has taken off in recent years as more and more consumers are influenced in their purchasing behavior by online content.

Whether phone calls, emails or in-store visits is important to your bottom line local marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

Local Marketing: In-Store Visits

If making the sale relies on potential consumers visiting your storefront digital marketing can have a huge impact.

It is recommended that you make your address and hours highly visible, such as in the header of your site. Make sure customers know where you are and how to get to you.

On your location or contact page give them directions, a map and points of reference. A picture of the storefront may also help users if your business lacks visibility.

location extensions local marketingUsing location extensions in your digital ads will help to highlight your location when users are considering businesses to choose. Doing so extends the amount of content  you display in ads and help drive more potential customers to your store.

Local optimization efforts consists of array of strategies to get your local business ranking higher. From completing local business profiles, encouraging reviews, building business citations and ensuring your business info accuracy across business directories. All of these and more factor in to your business visibility in organic search.

While extremely valuable it is difficult for small companies to track the results of online efforts to get real world results. Unique offers on your website is one of a few ways that gap can be breached.

Local Marketing: Phone Calls

local marketing click to callWith the rise of mobile search and the click-to-call on smartphones your online presence can help to make your phones ring.

In paid search your phone number can be displayed and inserted to let potential consumers call your business with a touch of their screens. This feature is known as call extensions. View a case study covering how call extensions impact business.

On your site having strong calls-to-action and a reason to call will help push visitors to make the call you want them to make. It’s a must to make your phone number highly visible, such as in your header.

Call tracking numbers can help to quantify the calls your website and search ads generate. As a partner we recommend that you own your call tracking numbers so though you may switch marketers the phone numbers consumers use and even store will not be dead numbers.

Local Marketing: Lead Submissions

For many businesses, such as realtors, lead submissions are an important part of the sales process.

Lead submissions can easily be tracked with Google Analytics to optimize your site and traffic for increased results.

Using clean and simple forms with strong calls-to-action are an important part of getting users to hit submit. Just as important, if not more, is giving users a reason to take the next step.

Local Directory Optimization

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