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Get your business in front of potential consumers as they are searching for products and services that you offer.

Search engine marketing is a great way to find consumers as they are in the consideration and purchase phases of the buying cycle.

There are two forms of search marketing.

Pay Per Click vs Search Engine Optimization

google yahoo bing seach engine marketingEach form of search engine marketing have their own benefits. Pay Per Click (PPC) starts sending traffic immediately at a cost. While SEO often takes time to see the fruits of optimization efforts that have long-term benefit.

Many businesses wonder which they need to do and in a the answer is usually a bit of both. Studies show that paid search does not cannibalize organic traffic. So much so that 89% of paid search is incremental traffic to organic traffic underscoring the importance of both.

Which form of search engine marketing is right for your business? We’ll evaluate your business, your competition and your website. Then we’ll give you an unbiased opinion.


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