Local Paid Search + SEO Case Study

Local tire and auto center needed to improve their organic search presence of their website and Google My Business listings.


St. Lucie Battery and Tire wanted to improve their local search performance across paid and organic search efforts.

St. Lucie Battery and Tire was working with a national vendor who only services tire centers with POS and inventory software. The vendor added digital marketing services to supplement their core offerings.

Project summary

The goal of this project was to improve the performance of local paid search and SEO services. The goal was clear – to outperform their current results and get greater return on marketing spend.

The Strategy

Our SEO strategy consists of executing the WebSuited SEO Method. Our 6-step method boosts local search presence by

  • Select quality keywords over quantity.
  • Become relevant for those keywords.
  • Earn trust and authority for those keywords.
  • Monitor progress and adjust as needed.
  • Earn and maintain page one rankings.
  • Build again with new keywords.

The local paid search strategy relied on using our in-house expertise to get better results for the client.

  • Improve account structure
  • Improve bidding
  • Create more relevant ad groups
  • Improve ad copy performance
  • Improve usage of ad extensions
  • Improve conversion tracking 
  • Improve website tracking
  • Proper goal configuration.

Proven Results

We began work on March 25th, 2019 and were able to get historical data from their previous efforts.

We have been able to see drastic improvement across local search in PPC and SEO.


Organic Search Traffic Increase


Organic Conversions Increase


Google My Business Discovery Searches Increase


Google My Business Actions Increase


Paid Search Cost Per Click Decrease


Paid Search Conversions Increase


Paid Search Cost Per Conversion Decrease

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