5 Strategies to Grow Your CPA Business with Digital Marketing

Rhett Lloyd
Oct 12, 2021
8 mins

Do you need to get more clients in your book of business?

Many accountants are launching digital marketing campaigns to acquire more new clients. You can reach consumers who are actively looking for your services.

Is it necessary to advertise your CPA business?

Advertising is a way to expand your reach and earn new customers. Digital advertising has the advantage of precision and scale with transparent reporting to prove ROI.

WebSuited recommends digital marketing as the best advertising approach because you can reach more customers who are looking for the services that you offer. These days, everyone searches online to find products they want to buy. WebSuited ensures your CPA business is at the top of search results to increase web traffic. If you are not there when you are searched for you do not exist.

We offer extensive digital marketing services, including expert SEO techniques to increase the number of people visiting your website. Our core focus while running digital marketing for your business are as follows;

Creating a good first impression

The competition is tough for online businesses, even for CPAs. We focus on creating a good first impression to encourage engagement with your website. Failure to give potential clients a good first impression will hinder your ability to earn their business.

Building customer loyalty

Digital marketing highlights the benefits of using your services. This is the information people want to know. When your audience is sure they will gain from using your services, you get hired. The chances of a long-term contract are higher after you deliver excellent results.

Increasing online visibility

Digital marketing offers long-term benefits when used consistently. WebSuited uses strategic CPA marketing to make your business visible online. If you are not found when potential customers are searching for you it is like you do not even exist.

Digital marketing essentials for CPAs

Let’s discuss essential features that should be available to grow your CPA business through digital marketing.
Before we get started, please don’t feel overwhelmed by the information below. WebSuited makes it easier by handling all the stress for you. We believe it is essential for you to know what is involved in the process. So here we go;

An SEO friendly website

Here’s the truth – your digital marketing campaign can hardly succeed if you don’t have an SEO-friendly website. Not only does a website improve your brand’s reputation, but it is also the platform where people find information and hire your services.

A website is necessary for all types of businesses; it is no longer a luxury that some businesses have.
Here are the reasons why we insist you should have a website for your CPA business;

Search Ranking

If you have a website, it can be enhanced to rank higher on SERPs. This is done with SEO techniques. Your website content and service pages will feature keywords and links to attract organic traffic from the search engine. A higher ranking will give you greater visibility leading to more traffic and more leads.

Customer conversion

After attracting traffic to your site, you can rely on the quality of your web content, services, or products to encourage patronage. This is called customer conversion. People who click on your link to view content related to CPA services will find information to convince them to hire you.

Customer conversion is promoted by the professional appearance of your website and giving visitors a reason to give you a call.
WebSuited tracks all the conversions (calls and form fills) from your website so you know exactly what is making your phone ring.

You can position yourself as an expert

Great, authoritative content on your website will help to build trust for your business and give you credibility. Your website gets you a step closer to sealing great deals from customers online who need professional financial accounting services.

A blog about CPA services

You already have a website, why not maximize its use to offer your audience more information about what you do and its benefits?
Your blog should feature posts about CPA business, its different features, and how you use your skills to help clients. You should add posts that answer questions people may have about your services.
Another great tip is to create content that is seasonal. This will make you timely and helpful to the needs of your potential customers.
Blogs can also be used to identify problems your clients have and don’t forget to describe how your CPA services can help solve those problems.

A LinkedIn Profile

You need an online profile for your CPA business. First, you should get a professional headshot or a clear picture of your brand logo. The photograph is for your profile so ensure it is your best.
Your online profile should feature your strengths, achievements, and experience. You can create a profile on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. After you have done that, copy the link and paste it on your website About Us page.

Platforms such as LinkedIn welcome millions of professionals from different fields. Having a profile that prominently indicates your skills will open opportunities to get more business exposure. You can write articles and post on your account to attract people who need the services of a Certified Public Accountant.

Informative YouTube videos

YouTube records millions of users every day. People go to YouTube for entertainment and to learn new things. We are in a visual learning era; it works for many people who would rather watch a video than read a manual. Your YouTube videos should offer solutions to problems, teaching your audience more about CPAs and their functions.

You need an email list

Creating an email list is a smart move because it is your online community. It is yours and you own full control of it. You do not need to rely on social media platforms or video streaming sites to reach your audience. When all other channels to communicate with your audience are down (like the recent Facebook and Instagram), you can email everyone on your list to maintain engagement.
Having an email list is also excellent for lead generation. You can send emails about new additions to your services and offers to encourage patronage. Emails are also excellent for sending out tips and other relevant content to help your audience solve their business administration problems.
If you need to consult online marketing experts on how to advertise your email list to build it, WebSuited can help you.

A Google My Business Page

Google allows entrepreneurs like you to create a Google My Business Page. This is the page that loads when people search for your brand online. It will also be listed on the map listings searches such as –Certified Public Accountant near me. Having a Google business page is a great way to target your local market. They are the potential clients who see your business online after doing a local search to find CPAs in their city.
Having a Google My Business setup and optimization is essential for local businesses. It allows your business to show in Google’s directory which they put near the top of all local searches. While it doesn’t replace a website it is equally needed by businesses wanting to generate leads on Google.

Why digital marketing is recommended for business growth

There are different marketing options for businesses. But digital marketing has become popular among the possibilities for significant reasons.
WebSuited has a proven record of successful digital marketing campaigns for different businesses. This is because of our expertise in digital marketing, the technical skill in bringing the most advanced strategies to small businesses, and providing transparency in the results.

Digital marketing is cheaper than alternatives

Compared to the cost of other marketing options, you will see that digital marketing is cost-effective. Digital marketing has the advantage of scale, precision, and reporting.

Budgeting for a digital marketing campaign

Several factors influence the cost of digital marketing for your business. for example, WebSuited considers the competition for your services and what locations you are targeting potential customers. Running a campaign just in the town of Fellsmere takes less than targeting the entire Treasure Coast.


Using digital marketing to improve your web presence is an important strategy to help compete in today’s market while growing your business. Even if your business is based on referrals, the people who are referred can and will look you up on the web to learn more about you. Give them a great first impression by getting your business suited for success with WebSuited

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