Add Live Chat to Your Site with Facebook Messenger

Rhett Lloyd
Dec 05, 2017
1 min

Facebook messenger is a widely used service that has grown so much that Facebook has made it a stand-alone product. It’s in the hands of millions of users and likely your customers too. Facebook messenger gets you one step closer to communicating with your customers.

As part of this holiday season we will set up our website clients for live chat for FREE so you can communicate quicker with your customers and increase your revenues.

How it Works

Through a simple website plugin you get the power of Facebook Messenger on your site. It can be customized for welcome text, icons and color to fit your brand.

When a user enters a message it will go to any team member that has access to your Facebook business page. It is just like being messaged through your Facebook page.

add facebook messenger to WordPress

When you reply to them, however, it will be in their Facebook Messenger app. (Which also means they won’t continue talking to you through your website. Facebook handles everything, so only the initial message will be in the plugin window. Everything else will be on Facebook or Facebook Pages/Messenger.)

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