Can You See Me Now? GDN has Gone 100% Viewable

Rhett Lloyd
Nov 18, 2015
1 min

can you see me now

What good is an ad that isn’t seen? This is something marketers nad businesses have struggled with in the past as up to 56% of all ads are not seen. Why? They are stuck below the fold and the user never scrolls down to see them.

Fear not. All AdWords GDN cpm campaigns are now upgraded to viewable cpm’s.

Three takeaways from the new improvements.

  1. Less waste. All cpm campaigns have been upgraded to viewable cpm (vcpm). Now GDN is one of the only networks where advertisers don’t pay if there ad is not viewable.
  2. Viewable frequency capping. What good is frequency capping if non-viewable impressions are factored in to the cap? Not that good at all. Now a viewable frequency capping is available.
  3. Additional metrics. AdWords is offering three new metrics to support the viewability standard.
    1. Total viewable impressions
    2. Percentage of impressions that were viewable
    3. Percentage of viewable ads that were clicked


Source: Inside AdWords: The Google Display Network ups its commitment to viewability

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