C2 Welding: Igniting Online Presence Overview

Discover how we launched C2 Welding’s first-ever website and Google Business listing, marking their debut in the digital world.

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Website Launch, SEO, Page Speed


January 10, 2024


Fort Pierce, FL

Services Utilized

  • WordPress Development
  • Speed Optimization
  • Google & Bing Business Listing
  • Content Strategy


  • Cutting-Edge Web Design
  • Mobile and Desktop Speed Optimization
  • High SEO Score
  • Comprehensive SEO Schemas
  • First-time Online Presence


  • 98 on Mobile Page Speed
  • 100 on Desktop Page Speed
  • Establishment of Google and Bing Business Listing
  • First-time Online Presence
  • Perfect SEO Scores


C2 Welding, nestled in the heart of Fort Pierce, FL, is not just any welding service; it’s a hub of innovation in metalwork. As a family-owned business, C2 Welding prides itself on offering a wide array of services, from mobile welding to precision CNC machining, catering to diverse sectors like marine, medical, and construction. The launch of their new website marks a significant milestone, setting a solid foundation for digital growth and enhanced online visibility.


Despite their expertise and reputation in the industry, C2 Welding’s digital footprint was nearly non-existent. The goal was clear: build a digital presence from the ground up, starting with a website that not only showcases their services but also ranks well in search engines, enhancing their visibility and attracting new clients.


WebSuited embarked on a comprehensive strategy, focusing on key areas:

  • Bespoke Website Design
  • Mobile and Desktop Speed Optimization
  • Google & Bing Business Listing
  • Content Strategy

Mobile View

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Tablet View

Welder at work in metal fabrication shop.

Desktop View

Welding services homepage with contact information.


C2 Welding’s journey from having no online presence to establishing a high-speed, SEO-optimized website and Google Business listing exemplifies the transformative power of digital marketing. This strategic move not only positioned them well in search rankings but also opened new avenues for client engagement and business growth.

Current PageSpeed Insights

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SEO Score on Mobile

Words From Our Client

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“We have been doing business with Websuited for several years. I feel like it has given us a strong competitive stance in the market place having a professional handle our web traffic and Google presence. I have referred many friends and business’s their way and they haven’t ever disappointed us. Solid, reliable advice and direction in a complicated world.”


Jeff Deans

General Manager,

St. Lucie Battery and Tire

Looking Forward

With their digital presence solidified C2 Welding is now well-positioned to expand their reach and attract new clientele through their optimized, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly website. WebSuited continues to support C2 Welding in their journey, ensuring their digital strategy evolves alongside their growing business.

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