Pillar Builder: A Resurgence Story

Discover how we launched C2 Welding’s first-ever website and Google Business listing, marking their debut in the digital world.


Website Design, Hosting


April 4, 2024


Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Services Utilized

  • Website Restoration
  • Content Update
  • Team Update


  • Rapid Website Restoration
  • Updated Team Profiles
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Quick Launch Turnaround


  • 98 on Mobile Page Speed
  • 98 on Desktop Page Speed
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4 Setup


Previously a thriving business, Pillar Builder faced unforeseen challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis, leading to a temporary shutdown. Four years later, the founder’s unwavering spirit and the support of WebSuited brought Pillar Builder back to life. With a restored website and updated content, Pillar Builder is once again ready to transform construction dreams into reality.


After a hiatus caused by the global pandemic, Pillar Builder was ready for a fresh start. However, re-entering the competitive construction market required more than just the will to restart; it needed a robust digital presence to match. The challenge was to quickly resurrect their online identity without starting from scratch.


Leveraging WebSuited’s foresight in preserving a copy of Pillar Builder’s original website, we executed a seamless restoration process, incorporating updates for the new team and the current market dynamics. This strategic approach ensured a swift re-entry into the digital space, providing Pillar Builder with a solid platform to rebuild and expand their business.

Mobile View

Tablet View

Desktop View


Pillar Builder’s case is a reminder of the unforeseen challenges businesses can face and the importance of digital agility in overcoming them. WebSuited’s timely intervention and digital expertise paved the way for a successful comeback, highlighting the value of partnership and foresight in the digital age.

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