How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

Rhett Lloyd
Apr 11, 2022
8 mins

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If you’re a new business owner that is looking to expand your business’s reach, then you need to be aware of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website. When we talk about attracting online traffic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the first things that comes to mind. This is because the quality of your website’s SEO is the primary factor in determining the amount of traffic that your website or business will receive. 

While SEO continues to matter the most in gaining traffic for your website, you can not just rely on SEO for this purpose. In certain scenarios, the Google algorithm changes and the old SEO strategy becomes ineffective, forcing owners to produce new and up-to-date SEO techniques that don’t only require extensive effort, but also take time to display results. 

For this reason, it’s essential for you to know alternative ways by which you can significantly increase the amount of online traffic that your business receives. By utilizing the different ways of gaining website traffic, you can prevent your business from halting under circumstances where your site’s SEO becomes ineffective. Doing so would also allow you to reach diverse audiences and potential customers that might not discover your business otherwise.

If we were able to catch your attention till now, then be sure to read till the end of the guide to become aware of the various effective tools and techniques that you can use to drive intense traffic to your website without having to rely on your site’s SEO. 

Why Should You Learn to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO?

If you’ve been successful in attracting a significant amount of traffic to your website through SEO, then you might be wondering why it’s necessary for you to learn alternative ways of attracting website traffic that doesn’t depend on SEO. When increasing website traffic, your focus shouldn’t just be on the amount of traffic but also on the quality of traffic that you receive. High-quality traffic increases the conversion rates as the viewers become far more likely to benefit your business in the form of purchases. 

Furthermore, SEO is a complex and challenging skill and requires months to master. Instead of solely depending on SEO for your website’s success, it’s much safer to have alternative ways of attracting traffic in case your site’s SEO fails. However, this doesn’t imply that you should completely ignore your site’s SEO. You must follow the best SEO practices to avoid being penalized by Google at any point. The tips and techniques listed in this guide will add to your pre-existing SEO plan and allow you to get the optimum results in terms of website traffic. 

Most Effective Ways of Increasing Website Traffic Without SEO

By now, you must be aware of the undeniable importance of learning new and different ways of increasing website traffic for your business. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into ways and techniques that can help you reach greater audiences online. 

1. Utilize Paid Advertisements

If you’re looking for immediate and guaranteed results in terms of website traffic, then you are highly recommended to try out paid advertisements to promote your business. With the help of paid ads, you make take certain measures to ensure that your marketing strategy doesn’t exceed your budget. Additionally, you can also target a specific region to build an online audience for your business. By maintaining the quality of paid advertisements, you can also ensure greater conversion rates; therefore, benefitting your business with more sales and greater profits. 

So where can you advertise your business? Paid advertisements are available on numerous different platforms, with a variety of different audiences.  If you want to obtain optimum results from paid advertisements, then advertising on social media is arguably the best option for you. Nearly two-thirds of America’s population use social media; therefore, increasing their chances of discovering your business with the aid of online advertisements. 

Paid ads can prove to be incredibly beneficial for your business as they can are able to generate thousands of clicks to your website. Furthermore, with the new and improved advertisement strategies that social media platforms are providing, getting your business in front of the right audience is easier than ever. Facebook, for example, allows business owners to customize their paid advertisements according to the needs or preferences of their business. It allows you to define the location, gender, age, and language of the audience that want to present your business to. 

2. Try Content Marketing

Content marketing is a major part of digital marketing that is vital in attracting the right audience to your business. This type of online marketing is a way to organically advertise your business with the help of relevant and high-quality content that intrigues the desired audience. The most popular content marketing strategies include blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, downloadable PDFs, and more. 

Nowadays, articles and blog posts are the most common content marketing strategies utilized by businesses all across the globe. Typical businesses hire content writers to produce high-quality and SEO-friendly content that is relevant to the products or services that the business provides. This content is uploaded on the website of the business in the form of articles or blog posts, which attract online traffic through search engines to your business. 

However, you must understand that content marketing isn’t only limited to articles and blog posts. You may use other content marketing strategies that help you catch the attention of your online audience, such as podcasts, webinars, and more. 

3. Perform Link Building

Link building is another technique that, when coupled with good SEO, can help you attract large audiences to your business. By linking your website to other reputable websites, the search engine algorithm is likely to favor your website. As a result, your website would rank higher for relevant keywords, allowing you to get ahead of your competition and generate greater traffic for your website. 

When using link building for the primary purpose of increasing brand awareness, your marketing strategies must be focused on expanding your reach, putting your content in front of the online audience, and increasing conversions for your business. Unlike backlinks, link building for brand awareness doesn’t just involve links to your business’s website in blog posts. It requires investment in the form of extensive planning and resources, which are likely to reap great benefits for your business in the long run. 

For an effective link-building strategy, you need to engage your online audience with the help of interesting posts and shareable content that catches the attention of your audience. Guest blogging is another great way to build links for your business on other third-party websites. You must choose a reputable website that is relevant to the services that your business provides, and request for guest blogging. 

4. Email Marketing

Another practice that defines the success of your digital marketing strategy is email marketing. Email marketing is an old strategy, yet it still continues to be the most effective way of increasing website traffic without SEO. Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing allows you to directly reach potential customers and invite them to check out your business. 

Email marketing is vital in improving your website traffic as it ensures that your business reaches new audiences in your desired regions. However, in order to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, you must take certain steps and measures. You are suggested to be real with your online audience to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable working with your business. 

With the help of email marketing, you should convey to the audience the value and quality that you are willing to offer. For the convenience of the audience, you are suggested to include all links associated with your business, including social media pages, sales pages, relevant blog posts, and more. 

5. Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Boosting your website’s traffic is useless if the quality of services that your business provides is unable to gain the satisfaction of your customers. You want to make the customer’s experience of working with your business memorable for them, so they feel comfortable returning back and making more purchases. The best way of doing so is by providing high-quality services to customers that are sure to please your audience. Additionally, you must also provide quality customer service to your audience. 

Customers are likely to buy more from a business that provides pleasant customer service. Doing so also allows you to minimize the complaints and criticism uploaded on social media by unsatisfied customers. In case of dissatisfaction of customers, you are suggested to assist them accordingly to avoid negative reviews about your business. 


Solely relying on search engines for driving traffic to your website is quite risky as they are highly unpredictable. By establishing other sources of generating traffic, you can keep your business going even if your site’s SEO fails to attract traffic to your business. 

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