How To Use Local Search Marketing to Attract More Customers

Rhett Lloyd
Apr 25, 2022
8 mins

If you’re a small business owner and aim for the ultimate success for your business, then one of your first goals should be to expand your business’s reach in the local market. If your business provides any sort of services or products to customers, then a majority of your audience is likely to be situated in the same region as your business. Potential customers utilize Google as the primary means to search for local businesses that they can benefit from in any way. Therefore, your business must have a prominent presence on Google in order to ensure that such potential customers discover you and add to your business’s audience. 

So how can you expand your business’s reach in the local market? The most efficient and effective way of doing so is with the help of local search marketing. What is a local search marketing and how can you implement it? Continue reading to gain a complete insight into this form of online marketing.

What is Local Search Marketing?

Before we discuss how you can implement local search marketing to benefit your business, you must first fully understand what this marketing practice is and why a majority of local and global businesses utilize this strategy. For starters, local search marketing refers to the process of promoting or publicizing a physical business that operates and provides services within a local market. 

However, local search marketing isn’t just limited to a certain type of local business. All sorts of companies and businesses with varying sizes, industries, locations, and types of audiences can utilize local search marketing for the purpose of expanding their reach in the local market. 

An effective way of practicing local search marketing is with the aid of Google Local Pack. The Google Local Pack is composed of a list of three local business listings that provide products or services similar to the search queries of the viewers. These businesses are the top search results displayed on Google for certain search keywords. These listings are produced by Google on the basis of customer reviews, location, relevance, popularity, and numerous other factors. 

Businesses that show up in the Google Local Pack are likely to be following an effective digital marketing strategy to ensure that they remain on top of their respective niches. Whether you’re in food, cosmetics, clothing, or service-based industry, it is essential for you to develop a good digital marketing strategy that ensures the success of your business. We’re here to help you with just that! We’ll guide you on how you can accomplish that with the help of local search marketing. 

Why is Local Search Marketing Important for Your Businesses?

You might be wondering why it’s important for you to understand local search marketing and implement it for your local business. First and foremost, as a business owner, it’s only natural for you to want to be two steps ahead of the competition in your industry. Practicing local search marketing with the use of Google Maps would help you exceed your competition by making your local audience discover your business and acknowledge what you have to offer. More than half of all smartphones users make use of Google Maps to search for local businesses and service providers that fulfill their requirements. 

Several individuals consider paid advertisements on Google to be an effective way of doing local search marketing; however, we oppose that view since viewers are far more likely to skip to the first organic search result rather than choosing to click on a website that shows up in Google ads. Instead of paying for advertisements on Google, you are highly suggested to invest in your site’s SEO to help boost its position in the Google SERP and drive more organic traffic to your business. 

Last but not least, if you want to make the most out of local rankings, you must learn the ability to rank your business for a question or a long-tail keyword. Research on general questions that your targeted audience is likely to search for in order to find what they’re looking for and optimize your site’s SEO based on that keyword or question. The keyword should be relevant to what your business provides to ensure that viewers find exactly what they need when they stumble upon your business. 

How Can Local Search Marketing Benefit Your Business?

In what ways can local search marketing benefit your local business? There are numerous benefits that you’ll notice by practicing local search marketing for your business. Some of the most major benefits associated with doing so have been listed below. 

1. Exceed Your Competition

The most obvious benefit of practicing local search marketing is that it allows your business to rank higher on search engines and consequently, increase its visibility and reach a greater audience. This allows you to exceed your competition as viewers are far more likely to choose a business with greater visibility and better rankings. 

You could further strengthen this strategy with the use of paid advertisements that put your business directly in the front ensuring that you don’t need to worry about overcoming your competition. Businesses that show up on top in the form of Google ads might not even be the most relevant for the search queries. However, they still get the most visibility and attention from the online audience. 

2. Target A Specific Market

Another major benefit of local search marketing is that it helps you target a specific type of audience from the huge population of online viewers. Before beginning to use local search marketing for this purpose, you need to be certain about the type of audience that you wish to target with this digital marketing strategy. 

Marketing your local business through Google Maps, Yelp, Google ads, and social media could make the process of targeting your specific market much more effective and efficient for you. This allows Google to know more about where your business is situated and what it has to offer; therefore, allowing it to promote your business in the best way possible. 

3. Draw the Right Traffic

As a local business owner, you would want the traffic drawn to your website to be relevant to what your business has to offer for customers. You need your online audience to be interested in what products or services you provide. Local search marketing is a great way of attracting the relevant type of audience to your business. 

When the relevant traffic finds your business, it greatly enhances the chance that they’ll make sales with your company. They would be highly likely to already have knowledge about the type of products or services that your business provides. This would also reduce questions, queries, or inquiries from potential customers ensuring that they are ready to buy from your business. 

How To Develop a Good Local Search Marketing Strategy?

Here is a list of useful tips and tricks that would allow you to create an effective local search marketing strategy for your local business. 

1. Ensure a Good User Experience

If you want to ensure effective local search marketing, then a good user experience should be one of your top priorities. A good user experience would result in customer satisfaction, which would eventually lead to customers leaving good reviews regarding your business. A primary goal of Google is to ensure a good user experience; therefore, it promotes businesses and companies with good customer reviews and ratings. 

2. Keep Your Website Safe & Secure

If you’re practicing local search marketing, then the last thing you want is for Google to think that your site is invested with any type of harmful virus or malware. If this is so, you’ll find it extremely difficult to promote your business through paid Google advertisements. Therefore, clean up your web servers regularly to avoid compromising the safety offered by your website. 

3. Be Honest to Your Customers

Google provides clear and concise guidelines about representing your business in the Google SERPs. These guidelines must be followed by all local as well as global businesses in order to attract more customers through local search marketing. These guidelines also include certain honesty factors, including misrepresentation or inappropriate ad copy. 

To avoid going against these guidelines, you must be honest with your customers and audiences at all times. Keep in mind that Google will penalize you if, at any point, you or your business goes against these guidelines. 

4. Develop Your Brand Reputation

The one thing in common between the most popular businesses from various different industries is that they have a well-known brand reputation in the local as well as global market. If you want to develop the reputation of your business in the local market, you need to have good customer reviews that provide proof of the high quality of products or services that your business offers. 


Thoroughly understanding and effectively practicing the art of local search marketing is of immense importance in the business sector. Furthermore, the process isn’t that difficult, if done right. The right practices for local search marketing would allow you to attract more potential customers to your business and increase your reach over time. 

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