January 2023 SEO Update

Rhett Lloyd
Mar 02, 2023
3 mins

The changes coming for SEO in 2023 seem quite profound in many ways. At WebSuited, we offer our services to help business owners find their edge in gaining attention online. What follows are some of the points of interest in terms of marketing your business online for the foreseeable future.


Chat GPT

The impact of Chat GPT cannot be understated. Whereas it used to take going through several websites to gather the information needed, Chat GPT can do it from one source. And yet the true scale of this new phenomenon may yet to be fully understood.  

Microsoft Bing will incorporate Chat GPT in the spring of 2023 and that may lead to a massive shift in how people search for information online. Created from their OpenAI software, Microsoft seems poised to take the next step with Chat GPT.  

Another development from Google called Bard is planning on a release sometime soon. The software program uses a conversational approach to AI. The result is an easier way for people to gather the information they need without having to use certain queries or structure their searches unnaturally.


The Surge of AI

Artificial intelligence seems to be the term most used for those predicting the future of digital technology which includes online marketing. And while the effects of AI will certainly be profound, it is not the time to abandon tried-and-true SEO techniques. In fact, if the emphasis remains on creating a better experience with greater expertise, authoritativeness, and being trustworthy, known as E-E-A-T, then content creation and SEO will remain mostly unchanged.

However, this is not to say that AI will fail to have a significant impact. The truth is that as of early 2023 no one is really sure what type of impact it will have once fully implemented. What is true is that pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns may suffer considerably as people use AI to find the answers to their questions which sidesteps PPCs.

In addition, AI-written content is already having an impact and may change the very methods of generating information that is usable to website visitors.


Yahoo Comeback

Is Yahoo making a comeback? There seems to be plans afoot to bring back the Yahoo search engine with a business to business emphasis. With Google becoming so large, people that are looking for an alternative may find one in Yahoo over the coming months.


No More Google Optimize

According to reports, Google will be retiring its Google Optimize product by September 30th of this year. The reasons why include other products on the market such as Google Analytics 4 having more of the features needed for most of their customers.  

It is recommended that all those who still use Google Optimize switch over to Google Analytics if they have not done so already. Downloading the data and moving it over should be done by the summer if possible.  


For more information about the future of SEO and upcoming changes to online marketing, WebSuited is here for you. Let us demonstrate to you why our services are a perfect fit for your growing business.

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