Mastering the E-E-A-T in Local SEO: A Delicious Recipe for Organic Growth

Kacey Predix
Sep 12, 2023
3 mins

While many within the SEO realm may chuckle at the acronym “E-E-A-T,” thinking about their next meal, the essence of the term is far from culinary. E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – four pillars Google uses to gauge quality in its search results. Local SEO can wonderfully dovetail into an E-E-A-T strategy. Here’s your detailed guide.

What exactly is E-E-A-T? E-E-A-T is synonymous with long-term organic growth for SEO professionals. Essentially, when Google’s algorithms undergo changes, they invariably echo the essence of E-E-A-T. In simpler terms, Google’s systems are constantly on the hunt for content reflecting experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Why is E-E-A-T important in local SEO? For local SEO, E-E-A-T translates into:

  • Experience: Think about Google Business Profile postings, pictures of local staff and customers.
  • Expertise: This includes local service web pages and insightful blog posts.
  • Authoritativeness: Local backlinks play a pivotal role here.
  • Trustworthiness: Nothing screams trust like authentic local reviews.

Incorporating these facets gives SEO practitioners a unique edge, solidifying the emphasis on quality. By ensuring an unparalleled user experience, the reward comes in the form of superior rankings.

Diving Deep into E-E-A-T Strategy

1. Experience: Making it Relatable Experience is all about viewing things from a customer’s vantage point. So, how can a local business amplify the customer experience?

  • Local Reviews: Reputation plays a crucial role in influencing consumer choices.
  • Google Business Profile Posting: Regular posts here connect users with the daily ethos of a business. Consider the Denver pizzeria that posts monthly about its community-centric “Cocktail for a Cause” initiative.
  • Employee Profiles: Highlighting team members adds a personal touch, enhancing user engagement.
  • Customer Imagery: Genuine customer images underline a transparent, honest business environment.

2. Expertise: Establishing Authority How does one demonstrate expertise in the local sphere?

  • Local Service Pages: Detailed service pages specifically designed for a community emphasize local expertise.
  • Blog Posts: Local blogs can serve as a fountain of niche information, catering to specific community needs.

3. Authoritativeness: Building Reputation Authoritativeness is built over time and relies heavily on third-party validation. For local businesses, achieving this requires:

  • Citations: Ensuring the uniformity of business details like Name, Address, and Phone number.
  • Community Involvement: Engage with your community, host events, or even win accolades.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Original, innovative content, and data often gain traction among local media, industry peers, and social media, bolstering authoritativeness.

4. Trust: Cementing Your Brand Trust is the lynchpin of E-E-A-T. And for local SEO, reviews are pivotal in establishing trust. Consider this – a whopping 98% of consumers will occasionally read online reviews before making a choice. Whether it’s third-party reviews or those on Google Business Profile, businesses need to prioritize and nurture them.

Embracing the E-E-A-T Challenge Achieving E-E-A-T supremacy in local SEO isn’t about mastering a single tactic. It’s akin to conquering a challenging video game – persistence, strategy, and commitment are key. Every effort, every strategy in local SEO must align with the core tenets of E-E-A-T. The path might be arduous, but the rewards – sustainable growth, enhanced visibility, and heightened trust – are worth every ounce of effort.

In essence, if you’re venturing into the realm of local E-E-A-T, gear up for an intense ride. But remember, every challenge overcome will make the final victory even more glorious.

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