Google announce two new sweet features at SMX East.

The first of which is demographics for search ads. Here you can use bid adjustments or even exclude ages or genders altogether. This will help advertisers further target search ads to their most valuable customers.

“DFSA was clearly a product we wanted to implement on our top campaigns. Since applying bids based on age, we’ve seen big gains in efficiency and engagement: searchers that DFSA identifies as over the age of 45 have shown a 65% higher CTR and a 15% lower CPA.” — Rene Rios, Director of Membership Development at AARP

The second feature is related to RLSA and Customer Match targeting.

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) is now available cross-device and you can retarget users for 540 days. In addition you can implement these lists at the campaign level.

Adding Customer Match with RLSA has been shown to be even more powerful across YouTube, Gmail and Google Search. Matching your highest value customers and then retargeting them is a no-brainer for many advertisers.

Source: Inside AdWords: Search audience ad innovations see strong momentum