Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 27th.

The time to get started is now. You have to be ready to catch the attention of your target audience online.

WebSuited can help you with this process. Our goal is to implement SEO marketing methods to increase traffic to your website, page clicks, customer conversion, and customer loyalty. Here is the good news, our work has lasting effects, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of professional digital marketing in your business.

Here’s our guideline to position your business for significant growth online;

1. Create your business’s My Business Profile on Google

Google My Business is a unique tool designed to help small business owners drive traffic and increase engagement with their brand online. People can see all the information about your business in one place, and your customers can post reviews, which will increase engagement with your online shop.

We believe every small business owner must have a Google My Business profile. If you don’t have one, no worries, you can create yours in a few minutes. All you have to do is sign into your Google account, navigate to google.com/business on Google and create a profile for your business. And that is it. Your business is now part of the Google business listing online and more visible to your target audience.

We suggest you add information to your Google My Business profile. For example, your working hours, contact details, high-quality photos of your products or services, business values, and tips on how your audience can get value from your products or services.

A typical Google My Business profile features your contact details, message box (for easy communication with your brand), direction tab (so local customers can find your physical office), and a website icon that directs viewers to your brand’s official website.

Having a My Business profile on Google makes it easier for your local audience to find your business online. A good tip to make this move even more successful is adding relevant keywords to your profile content. For example, you can use words such as integrity, customer satisfaction, commitment to delivering quality services, etc., to create a good first impression.

As your business evolves, you should review and update the content on your Google My Business profile. For example, contact information and photos should always be updated. Also, respond to reviews on your profile, address all issues, and thank customers who post positive reviews.

If you are unsure about setting up your profile with the right keyword phrases, our team at WebSuited can help you create a compelling business profile for your page.

2. Enhance your website content for SEO

The Google search engine analyses your website content to determine if it holds relevant information for its audience. With the proper use of SEO techniques, your website will be at the top of SERPs when people search for your products during online shopping holidays.

If your website appears at the top of a Google search page, you will gain significant traffic and customer conversions.

SEO must be done correctly. This is why we want you to leave it to us, WebSuited offers expert SEO services for your small business. We use SEO techniques to include strategic keywords in your web content to increase your website’s ranking on Google search results. Our strategy is to add different keywords that match the search queries consistently sought by your local audience. Consumers find products online by entering keywords they feel describe the products they want. We create variations of these keywords to get more attention and traffic to your website.

Your website needs to have a high ranking on SERPs because it makes your brand more visible to consumers searching for your products. Also, a high ranking on SERPs boosts the reputation of your website.

The best way to enhance your website for SEO is by doing detailed keyword research. This is an aspect of SEO that many people find complex. WebSuited has a team of SEO experts who will handle the complex processes effectively. All keywords selected to improve your website must be naturally infused into the content, or else the search engines will detect clumps of keywords and rank your website low.

In addition to keyword research, WebSuited achieves excellent SEO results and impressive website ranking by including other tools. We boost your website with meta tags, link building, articulate and relevant articles, and features in the local business directory.

3. Consistency on social media

The hard truth is that you cannot create a social media page when a shopping holiday is a few days away and expect to get traffic to your site. It has to be a consistent process to build your brand’s social media presence over time. By establishing a prominent social media presence for your brand, you make it easier for consumers to click your website links to view the product pages confidently. Signing up on social media is free, at least for the platforms that matter. You should create social media accounts for your brand on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Please feel free to explore other options. We can advise you as well if you contact us.

Engaging with consumers on social media has gotten easier because these platforms now recognize small businesses. For example, you can create a Twitter Business account that supports targeted ads to help you reach a wider audience on the platform. And you can keep your audience informed about upcoming deals, discounts and special offers on shopping holidays. With such opportunities available, you can increase the number of followers and engagement.

A huge percentage of your online audience uses social media every day. This is why we encourage small business owners to include social media marketing in their general marketing strategy. With our team’s support, we guarantee that your experience on social media will be interesting and rewarding.

4. Keep your audience excited about your business

While using strategic digital marketing methods, many clients will come and buy from you, but there are others who need to be encouraged.

With careful calculations, you should be able to offer discounts and freebies to encourage your audience to make purchases. For example, strategic offers such as a special discount for the first ten people who order a product go a long way to encourage your customers to make purchases.

These incentives help to increase customer loyalty, which will favor your business during shopping holidays.

The best part is that after the end of your discount offer, many customers will return to buy your products at regular prices because they like them.

Partner with WebSuited today

Running a business and attempting to handle SEO campaigns can be challenging. You can enjoy a win-win situation by hiring WebSuited to handle your SEO campaign. At the same time, you focus on delivering an outstanding experience to customers we help directly to your online business. Our SEO techniques are effective because we combine keyword research, content writing, link building, the use of meta tags, and other relevant tools to catch your audience’s attention. Contact us today, let’s get started before the next shopping holiday.