Rhett Lloyd
Mar 09, 2023
3 mins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are two of the most popular marketing methods used on the internet. Each has its own advantages and issues, but they are both used by businesses large and small to draw in customers.

SEO is optimizing the pages of a website, so they reach the highest position in search results such as Google. While PPC are advertisements that you see at the top of search result pages. However, SEO has proven to be the champ when it comes to creating sustainable results.


Why SEO Works

The benefits of SEO start with the increased traffic that comes from being positioned high on the search results list. One big advantage that SEO has is that the organically created result is more productive in terms of building traffic compared to PPC. In fact, traffic built by SEO is almost twice as high compared to traffic built by PPC.

It helps if your site becomes the number one result. Being at the top of the list for organic search results is the goal. Although just being on the first page offers considerable rewards as over 90% of all traffic is generated by results on that page.

Another benefit is the ROI or Return on Investment that SEO brings. While it is a lot of work, it requires no money to create on your own. You will need to do the following:

  • Create Great Content
  • Use the Right Keywords
  • Proper Internet Linking Structure

When you have all three, the SEO will continue to produce for you day and night. It is why SEO is sustainable, straightforward, and becoming more important every day.


The Long-term Strategy

One area of complaint is that SEO does not tend to deliver the fast results of PPC. That’s because SEO takes time to build organic results while PPC can be at or near the top immediately. However, with the diminished returns of PPC compared to SEO, the long-term strategy of the latter is the one that sustains over time.  

Because the monetary investment is so small, it is easier to maintain an SEO approach compared to PPC. When you look at the cost of PPC over time, SEO is clearly the better choice especially for those on a budget.  

Add to this the straightforward nature of SEO that rewards pursing your target audience. With privacy laws curtailing much of the advertising on the internet, SEO offers a simple method to reach those interested in the products or services that you offer.  

But most importantly, SEO is focused on reaching the right audience for what you offer. When you find the right keywords, you find the people who are looking for the items or services that you sell. Once you lock in, the sales start to climb. And as you hone your keyword strategy, you will discover more people to build your audience.  

With Google changing to meet the needs of their audience, SEO is improving as well. And while PPC does have its advantages, the long-term success potential of SEO makes it the right choice for most online businesses.  


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