WebSuited’s Digital Digest: July Updates in the World of Google and SEO

Kacey Predix
Sep 08, 2023
3 mins

July was quite a whirlwind in the realm of search results on Google. While we never had official confirmation on any algorithm update, there were definite shifts and considerable announcements that every marketer should be aware of. From changes in analytics tools to the ever-evolving relationship with AI in content, WebSuited brings you the critical highlights of the month. Let’s dive in.

GA4: The New Standard

To the surprise of many, Google made the decision to fully enforce GA4 as the primary analytics tool from July 1st, phasing out Universal Analytics. This move garnered mixed reactions from the digital community.

Webmasters and businesses have been given until July 1st, 2024 to export all their data and historical reports from UA before they’re permanently deleted. Transitioning to GA4 might pose challenges, especially if you were reliant on the intricate data representation of UA. But worry not; there’s a plethora of online guides to smoothen your migration. And remember, at WebSuited, we’re right there with you on this learning curve, ensuring we extract the best insights from the new platform.

AI Content: A Double-Edged Sword?

The adoption of AI in content generation was rapid, with numerous marketers integrating it into their strategies. However, search engines, including Google, have begun raising eyebrows about the quality and distinguishability of AI-generated content.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, commented that AI-generated content doesn’t possess any “magic ranking powers.” He highlighted the significant amount of AI-based content that struggles to rank or resonate with audiences.

WebSuited’s stance on this has always been clear: While AI can be a powerful tool, human touch is irreplaceable. A seasoned content marketer’s expertise in keyword optimization, grammar precision, and the subtle nuances that breathe life into content is unparalleled. We believe the future lies in harmonizing AI capabilities with human ingenuity.

AI and Google Product Ratings

Google’s commitment to maintaining the authenticity and quality of its platforms is evident in its recent policy update. With AI-generated content becoming more prevalent, Google has updated its Product Ratings policies. As of August 28th, 2023, reviews primarily generated by automated programs or AI will be flagged and potentially lead to account repercussions.

Google’s underlying emphasis remains on promoting genuine, ethical, and lawful reviews across its platforms, ensuring users access reliable and trustworthy information.

Enhanced Support for Site Names

Towards the end of July, Google improved its support mechanism for site names in search results. An update on Google Search Central highlighted the extended support for subdomains across various languages, including English, French, German, and Japanese.

What’s the big deal? Webmasters now have more flexibility in representing their site names in search results. By using structured data, you can indicate your preferred site name. And if that’s not available due to clashes with other sites, the new alternateName property comes to the rescue, providing Google’s bots alternate naming options.

Wrap Up

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, WebSuited is committed to keeping you informed and ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for more insights and updates in the coming months!

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