Why Link Building is Crucial to the SEO Process?

Rhett Lloyd
Apr 27, 2023
3 mins

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of different parts that work together to build audiences for websites. One of the most important is link building. If you do it right, you can bolster your brand, improve the ranking of your content, and generate a larger audience.  

However, if you do not create a proper link building strategy, you may be penalized by Google. What follows is an explanation of what link building is all about, why it is important, and how you can take the right approach to avoid being penalized by Google.


Link Building

Put simply, link building is creating more links that lead to a webpage. Also known as hyperlinks, it allows viewers of blogs, articles, and other sites to find your website which increases traffic. It also helps to build authority which is essential for bolstering your brand.  

The first step is to read and follow the terms of service provided to Google to ensure that you are following the right methods for link building.


How Link Building Affects SEO

If your website contains important information, getting links can help build traffic in a natural way. This means allowing others to cite your information in the form of a link which helps build authority for their content.  

The more people link to your site, the more credible the source becomes, the more traffic you generate for your site. It not only works directly, but indirectly as well since search engines like Google will pick up on the use of links and highlight it in their search results.  

Put simply, the greater the credibility of your content, the higher the rankings you will receive. However, just putting in any backlink will not do. Judicious use of links to the right sources is needed to create the right results. Otherwise, you risk getting flagged by Google for misuse.  

For example, content you create that has two or three links to high quality sources will not only abide by the rules of the search engine, it will also bolster the SEO rankings. The result is that more people will see your content and create a larger audience. Of course, you will need to employ proper SEO techniques such as the right keywords, but the proper links will bolster such efforts.


The Right Approach to Building Links

At WebSuited, we offer a strong link building service that compliments SEO efforts and creates greater results. Our years of experience has allowed us to discover at least two key points in creating an effective link building effort, trust and relevance.  

The more sites are trusted, the greater the results. In addition, the relevance of the sites being used, the higher the domain authority your site will enjoy. But it is also important to diversify the links while maintaining their quality. This approach can be broken down into five different points.  

  1. Content Type
  2. Link Type
  3. Location
  4. Quality
  5. Scheduling

The use of link building needs to be organic and natural. With the multiple factors of SEO, the quality of the links is quite important for success and sustainability. At WebSuited, we can provide guidance towards creating a link building strategy that works for your needs.

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