5 Ways to Take Advantage of Facebook on #SmallBusinessSaturday and #ShopSmall

Rhett Lloyd
Nov 11, 2015
2 mins

12057251_914383458650229_1970687825_nMany local businesses love the kick in sales that can come with Small Business Saturday. This year it falls on November 28th.

Last year was a big year. It is estimated that 2/3 of the US was aware of Small Business Saturday and an 88 million people spent $14.3 billion!

Here’s 5 tips to use Facebook when people go to #ShopSmall.

  1. Call to Action
    1. Use the right call to action to encourage consumers to take the action you desire.  From “Call Now” to “Contact Us” use the right verbs to help drive sales.
  2. Check Your Local Insights
    1. Say what? Local insights bro. This tool provides aggregate demographics and trends about consumers in your neighborhood. It’ll even tell you what time of day the most people are nearby your location.
  3. Local Awareness Ads
    1. These ads make it easy to share your info with Facebook consumers. If you want visits to your storefront use the call to action “Get Directions.”
  4. Enable Page Messaging
    1. People may want to chat you a message. Be ready to answer their questions and solicit their business by turning on the page messaging feature in your Facebook page settings.
  5. Use Saved Replies
    1.  Use these templates if you send similar messages. Use them to quickly answer frequently asked questions. These help you respond quickly to people trying to connect with you.

Check out this Shop Small marketing guide provided by American Express and Facebook

Source: 5 Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Store on Small Business Saturday | Facebook for Business


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