7 Ways to Boost Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

Rhett Lloyd
May 02, 2022
7 mins

Digital marketing can make a significant difference in your business, even if you have a small or local business. The internet is now in everyone’s pockets and the precision of targeting options makes digital marketing a great way to grow your business. 

One of the great advertising tools is search ads on Google. You can spend your advertising budget only when people are looking for businesses like yours. You only pay when a customer clicks on the ads.

This post is focused on describing how your customer conversion rate can increase using Google Ads. 

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the exclusive advertising platform designed by Google. Advertisements placed on the platform are featured on different media channels such as search engines, websites, video streaming platforms, and mobile apps that accommodate ads.

It is a classic Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising system that allows you to bid with scale and precision.

How we increase conversion rate using Google Ads

Conversion rate is the key. A conversion can be a phone call, lead form or a purchase on your e-commerce store. Improving your conversion rate helps you to increase your ROI of your ad spend.

Here are our top tips to increase customer conversion, turning your online audience into paying customers;

Killer Keyword List

Creative use of relevant keywords

Keywords are essential to your digital marketing strategy because your audience is searching for your business online using keywords. So, to give your brand more online exposure, WebSuited enhances your Google Ads with the right keywords.

Here is what you should do to maximize the effects of your keywords;

Use exact match keywords

There shouldn’t be any confusion about your keywords. The target audience should quickly understand the message and click on your Ads. Precise keywords are much better than broad keywords. Google search engine also recognizes these keywords better and target the people who have made an online search query for that keyword. An example of a precise keyword is – yellow two-piece swimwear. 

Feature your competitor’s keywords

Another smart way to boost Google Ads campaign is by including keywords used by the competition. WebSuited uses special apps to identify these keywords, which are used to give our clients more marketing leverage.

You can try conquesting which is targeting your competitor’s names. However it is important you train your staff on how to handle calls for a competitor. You don’t want your staff to say to turn away calls for a competitor and instead quickly pitch your business as a better option.

Create long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are effective for digital marketing and Google Ads because they feature up to three relevant words. Long-tail keywords usually get exact matches on search engines such as yellow one-piece swimwear.

Infuse negative keywords

Negative keywords are strategically used to prevent people who don’t need your services from seeing the Ads. You only want your audience to see paid Google Ads. Negative keywords can be used in the following way; if you sell shoes for 5-year-old boys, Google Ads allows you to add negative keywords. You can add negative keywords such as adult male shoes, shoes for teen boys, etc. This way, your paid Google Ad is only seen by people who want to buy shoes for 5-year old boys.

Make decisions based on results

You can’t continue running Google Ads without a strategy. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Google Ads, make the right changes. It is best to stop the Ad and review your strategy. The best performing Google Ads have a click rate above 2%. This should be your target. Discontinue Ads that have click-through rates as low as 0.5%.


Follow up on customers

Many people unintentionally visit your website and leave after seeing your products or services, even though they may want to buy but not at that time. You can leverage Google Ads to follow up on these leads. By sending out targeted Ads, potential customers are reminded about your products, and they eventually make a purchase.

The WebSuited team understands you may not have the time to follow up with every visitor who leaves your site without making a purchase. We can help you handle that task using strategic Google Ads. 

Landing Pages

Draw customers in with SEO focused landing pages

Your landing page is the web page visitors see after they are redirected to your website through a link. You can draw customers in with excellent Google Ads and encourage them to buy after viewing sales-related content on your landing page.

The secret is displaying information that informs your audience that they can get the solutions they have been searching for online. 

WebSuited has recorded outstanding results with this strategy because we create a unique landing page for every Google Ad.

Use Ad extensions

This is a great tip, and thankfully, there are many types of Ad extensions we can use to give your business more visibility online. Ad extensions have an impact on Click-Through Rates (CTR). Here are commonly used Ad extensions for online advertising;

Sitelink Ad extensions

Digital marketing experts use the sitelink Ad extensions to feature more links while using Google Ads. Additional information can include product pages, feedback pages, and user manuals. Any information that can help the audience is featured.

Callout extensions

This extension makes it possible for digital marketing experts to feature details of the product or service that inspires trust. For example, information that can be featured with this extension includes the brand’s achievements, entrepreneur certifications, and other indications to prove the brand is credible.

Call extension

The call extension allows everyone seeing the Ad to make a call directly by clicking the extension. It helps to encourage action because customers don’t need to visit the website to find your brand’s contact information. 

Lead form extension

Using this extension allows you to offer anyone seeing your Google Ads a form to generate leads. The information is sent to your marketing team, who can follow up and eventually convert the individual.

As you can see, each extension for Google Ads has unique functions. WebSuited strategically uses extensions to reach your audience and offer them convenient options to become your customers. Don’t hesitate to contact WebSuited if this sounds like a marketing strategy for your brand.

Performance monitoring

WebSuited guarantees you will get maximum value for your money by doing performance monitoring professionally. We check to confirm that our strategies are helping your business grow through higher customer conversion. 

Performance monitoring is best done according to Google’s algorithm. The team at WebSuited understands how to create Google Ads that meet the search engines standards. Here are areas that should be monitored during a digital marketing campaign;

Keyword ranking – it is essential to check the keyword ranking to confirm that only the trending keywords are featured in the Ad.

Customer experience –  Google search engine monitors customer experience levels after they visit your site. This is what you should do as well so your site ranking won’t drop. 

Relevance of the Ad –  Google Ads that stop being relevant to the audience are featured fewer times. Relevance is measured by the value people get when they engage with your Ad.

WebSuited carries out intensive checks to make your Google Ad campaign successful. Our team researches keywords and review text or visuals on the Ad to keep the content relevant. 

Also, the relevance of our client’s Ads is heightened by using negative keywords to ensure it targets only those who need to see the Ad. 

In conclusion, digital marketing campaigns that involve Google Ads is always interesting. WebSuited is ready for the next challenge you give us. Our experience helps us know the best marketing techniques to get your brand’s message in front of your audience. Send us a message, establish contact, and discuss how to move your small business forward.  

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