Cohen’s Fashion Optical

A local eye center needed to improve the organic search presence of its website and Google My Business listings



Web design, Speed, SEO, PPC


February 1, 2020

Services Utilized

  • Speed Optimization
  • WordPress
  • Support Plan
  • Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Measurement


  • 1st-time caller bidding
  • Page 1 ranking


  • Major gains in online presence and conversions started in about 6 months with 97% increase in organic traffic and 82% increase in organic conversions.


Dr. Durante of Cohen’s Fashion Optical had been struggling with other agencies to improve his search presence and grow his audience. Dr. Durante had tried a large agency that specializes in eye care and eye doctors. They created content for his website but failed to improve search rankings and traffic. Dr. Durante also tried the agency of one of the largest newspaper companies in the United States. After almost 18 months Dr. Durante still did not see any gains in his search rankings or traffic.


The goal of this project was to succeed where others had failed by making an impact for Dr. Durante. Achieving this would require us to improve his search rankings to gain more traffic so the website could attract more new customers.


Our SEO strategy consists of executing the WebSuited SEO Method. Our 6-step method boosts local search presence by

  • Select quality keywords over quantity.
  • Earn trust and authority for those keywords.
  • Earn and maintain page one rankings.
  • Become relevant for those keywords.
  • Monitor progress and adjust as needed.
  • Build again with new keywords.


From starting in mid-June 2019 through May 24, 202 we have been able to make a considerable impact on organic search presence and website traffic. Below are the increases over the previous period. We began to see meaningful improvement in about 6 months


Organic Search Traffic


Organic Conversions


Google My Business Discovery Searches


Google My Business Actions

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