Just because your website has traffic does not mean it is building leads and sales. Understanding how to convert traffic into leads which creates sales will boost the bottom line of your business. What follows are a few proven strategies to maximize the potential of your website traffic.


Get Rid of Trash

The first step is to go over your website to see if something present is preventing visitors from taking the next step. The four most common elements that stop leads and sales are as follows.

  • Lack of Guidance
  • Poor Experience for the Visitor
  • Too Many Ads
  • Misguided Intention

A website that entertains but fails to tell visitors what to do next means you lose potential customers. However, if your website creates a bad user experience, that can have them going somewhere else rather quickly. Minimize the number of ads, particularly pop-up ads, that appear on the site. And finally make sure that you are reaching the right audience with the information on the site.


Bolster Your Content

The simplest way to boost your website is to improve the content that it contains. It starts with the basics.

  • Refined Keywords
  • Better Description of Product
  • Call to Action

Make sure your content is information and to the point. This means gearing what you put on the site to answer the questions that consumers might have about your products or services. Listening to your audience will provide some answers as well. And be sure to have a call to action so visitors will know what to do next.


Call to Action

It’s amazing how many businesses have improved their sales simply by asking consumers to make the purchase. The call to action which is normally featured at the end of your content provides a path for consumers to become customers. Whether it is to buy the product or simply create a lead by asking people to sign up for a newsletter, the call to action is a powerful sales tool.


Free Information or Valuable Perk

It may seem like offering a free gift is counterintuitive, but it is an old, proven sales tactic that can work wonders in creating leads and sales. Providing audiences something that they want will ensure that they stay on the website. It’s not exact free as you will ask for their email address to send them further materials. But interested consumers will be open to an email list they can opt out of if they don’t like it.

Other ways to convert traffic to leads include using testimonials and case studies to show how you can solve issues that consumers are experiencing. Of course, if you do not have newsletters or email signups, you should correct that issue immediately.

Perhaps the products or services you offer could be fine tuned to better fit the needs of consumers? In addition, you should be testing different strategies to see which one builds more leads and sales. Chatbots are another powerful tool that should be on your website.