Two New Interactive Ad Units for Mobile App Installs

Rhett Lloyd
Dec 04, 2015
1 min

Google is beta testing two new ad units for mobile app installs that will provide a rich mobile experiences. Trial Run Ads and Interactive Interstitials go beyond the traditional templates Google offers for app ads.

Trial Run Ads

These ads are specifically for games and give a user a try it before you buy it. To get the 60 second trial run the game is streamed instead of downloaded. If the user likes the game they can then install it. These gamers should be more likely to use that app once installed too.


Interactive Interstitials

These ads can be built in HTML5 allowing for custom creatives that are pulled dynamically. They allow for the user to swipe to reveal or through a carousel.

Highlight the functions of your app within your branding strategy with these ads that Zalora has been beta testing.

Source: Inside AdWords: Introducing new interactive ads to drive app installs

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