What is Social Bookmarking and How Does It Relate to SEO?

Rhett Lloyd
Feb 23, 2023
3 mins

Although it has been around for a while, social bookmarking has only recently been recognized as an effective means to drive traffic to websites. For those who have been relying on search engine optimization (SEO), social bookmarking provides an additional avenue of success if done correctly.  

Because using outdated methods may actually hurt the effectiveness of SEO. Understanding how social bookmarking works and placing it on social platforms can help make a big difference. Social bookmarking is one of the proven methods of boosting website visibility. The experts at WebSuited can provide more information for those interested in using this feature. 


How Social Bookmarking Works

The origins of social bookmarking were created on platforms such as Digg or Reddit to post links directed to their sites. Such bookmarks were mostly focused on products or services and were really sales pitches.  

Worse, the comment section was normally filled with posts unrelated to their business. When Google and other search engines changed their algorithms, it caused a considerable number of sites with spammed comments to drop in the rankings. SEO experts had to come up with new solutions quickly and changes to social bookmarking were created.  

Today, SEO experts use social bookmarking mostly as backlinks for their client’s websites. It is used in message boards, blogs, Q&A posts, and other forums. With Google focusing so much on content, link building has taken on a greater significance.  

Of course, having a robust social media platform is essential to the success of the social bookmarks. The marketing posts should be of the soft sell variety and not the hard sell. The goal is to create a friendly environment that invites people in. And not to hammer them over the head with sales pitches. Backlinks to other social platforms, blogs, YouTube channels and other sites will direct consumers to other information that you offer.


How to use Social Bookmarking on Social Platforms

Social bookmarking should be used in conjunction with relevant content, otherwise it will interfere with your SEO efforts. This means that you need to post useful information and not sales pitches. Social bookmarking should be done by people, not an automated program.  

For example, posting videos on platforms such as YouTube that are fun, informative, and entertaining can really help your business efforts. You can use them to post links to your site, affiliate links, and other social media pages where applicable.  

Video along with high-quality images may be the best way to drive traffic when done correctly. Just be sure to add a request for following, sharing, or subscribing so that future notifications can inform interested parties automatically.  

The evolution of social bookmarking since the inception of social media sites continues to progress. Staying on top means understanding the changes to search engine algorithms and applying links for the proper content to succeed.  

Learn more about social bookmarking and how it can boost the visibility of your website by consulting the experts at WebSuited. Let us help you succeed with viable SEO strategies that compliment social bookmarking efforts.  

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