Upgrades for Universal App Campaigns

Rhett Lloyd
May 19, 2016
2 mins

Google has announced updates to universal app campaigns in AdWords. The big news is this campaign type has been expanded from just Android to now include iOS.

Now, all app developers can tap into the simplicity and power of Universal App Campaigns to reach billions of Android and iOS users on YouTube, the Google Search App, and the Google Display Network. Universal App Campaigns for iOS are available in beta today and will roll out to all developers in the near future.

Better targeting of valuable users in universal app campaigns is also a new upgrade.

niversal App Campaigns will automate targeting, bidding, and creative generation to find your most valuable users based on your in app conversions. Just tell us the in app events that matter to you, whether it’s reaching level ten in your game, subscribing to your service, or making a purchase in your app, and we’ll do the rest. Our models evaluate countless signals and constantly learn and adjust, meaning every ad is based on the freshest, most relevant data. The best thing is that we do all the hard work in the background, predicting which users will be valuable and acquiring them at the right price. These innovations are in testing and will roll out in the coming months.

Universal app campaigns is expanding to YouTube and GMail.

Universal App Campaigns will soon reach more users on YouTube, as well as introduce a new opportunity to reach users on top of tabs in Gmail.

Source: Inside AdWords: At Google I/O, new features to find the right users for your app

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