What is Local Search and What Does It Mean?

Rhett Lloyd
May 04, 2023
3 mins

You may have heard the term local search, but may not fully understand what it means. For local businesses that rely on foot traffic, the importance of local search marketing cannot be underestimated. By taking advantage of local search marketing methods, you can increase the number of customers that come through your door.


How Local Search Marketing Works?

Local search is an SEO or search engine optimization strategy that focuses on the location or area where people are searching for goods and services. A business website can rank for local searches and get far more exposure to the community when the SEO is focused on getting customers in the area. For small to medium-size businesses that rely on foot traffic and obtaining local support to survive, local search is a crucial strategy.  

The focus is to rank on Google’s Local Map Pack, creating a business profile on Google, and appearing in online searches and directories that reveal the location of your business to local customers. Many of these options are free or of low cost, yet they are vital to businesses in need of local consumers.


Differences with Organic SEO

Sometimes, local search SEO can be confused with organic SEO. Some of the reasons are obvious since the employment of both strategies can be similar, but there are important differences.

    • Local SEO is designed for retail stores, restaurants, and businesses relying on local customers.
    • Local SEO serves a specific area, a physical location that people visit. 

Put simply, the emphasis is on the relation between the location of the business and the customers. This differs sharply from organic SEO that is not concerned about location. Organic SEO is best used by businesses that rely on having customers around the country and the world. While local SEO focuses on the community itself.

How to Make Local SEO Work for You?

There are several steps you need to take so your business can appear prominently in local searches. The basics include the following.

    • Create a High-Quality Website 
    • Focus on Gaining Positive Reviews 
    • Utilize Local Keywords 
    • Optimize Content for Local Appeal  
    • Build Authoritative Links 

The high-quality website and authoritative backlinks are basic SEO strategies which boosts the brand of your business. Using the right keywords is the backbone to any SEO strategy. But here with local SEO the emphasis is on keywords that gain local attention.  

For example, if your business is located in Chicago, then using keywords that are linked to Chicago and prominent areas of the city helps boost local search results. Terms such as the North Shore for example if that is where your business is located in Chicago help to narrow the search even more for better results.  

Positive reviews also boost the brand of your business. It builds trust with consumers who are searching for more information about the reliability, trust, and good service your company offers. And last but not least, the content on your site needs to be geared for local consumers. This brings the type of visitors to your site that may become loyal customers.

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